St Machar Parent Support Project

Scottish Charity Number SC035404

The St Machar Parent Support Project is a voluntary project part funded by Aberdeen City Council. The Project is based at the rear of St Machar Academy on Powis Crescent in the old Janitors Lodge.

Our main objective is to provide information, advice, support and training to the parents of those children who attend school or live within the St Machar Academy's catchment area of Aberdeen.

We aim to encourage and assist parents and their children to experience the formal educational system positively, to promote personal and social development, and to increase training skills and confidence in order to enhance the ability to relate effectively to the school and other professionals as required.

We offer one-to-one support and can home visit if necessary. We will accompany parents to meetings regarding their child's education and create links with existing organisations so their services are accessible to parents and their children.

Schools We Work With

Schools we work with are:

We also work with schools outwith our catchment areas if a child lives in our area, but attends an alternative school because of special circumstances.